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    Customer Comments & Photos

    felted rug This beautiful felted rug at left was made by talented fiberartist Jessica Kain. Jess used some of our roving as the base, then locks of lamb's wool were felted onto that base. She writes, "I started by pre-felting a bat of carded wool (silver brown) and before fulling (while still very wet) I laid down the raw fleece in a radial pattern starting from the outside and working my way in, making sure to spread the fibers at the cut end of the curls. Once the pattern was fully laid out i poured more hot water and soap over the whole piece and felted it again (top layer to prefelted bottom) and then fulled it for a good while. Ta Da!!!"

    felted hat Darla
    Darla Lee More, a customer in Washington state writes;
    "Love the Coopworth!"
    "Just wanted to let you see what we have been doing with the wonderful roving we have gotten from you. We really love it. It is by far the best roving we have been able to buy to date, and my son has found that Coopworth is the best for felting. My son has also made me a wonderful top hat from the chocolate wool. He of course has been busy selling the nice hats he has made from your wool. We just want to thank you ever so much for offering your nice wool. We are eagerly awaiting our next order.
    Thanks again."

    Here is an article on Feltmaking;
    A Feltmaking Workshop by Debbie Martzall

    Barb Gadawski, Lucille Kaye, and some of their friends in Oregon have been making Santas with our wool.
    They wrote:
    "Dear Martha,
    Just a quick note to let you know that Eithne's wool turned out just beautiful for our Santas. I am so pleased.
    Thank you for everything you have done to make our project complete and for your generous amount of wool. We made 9 santas in all and they are gorgeous and everyone is so pleased. There were four of us working on them. We only had about two handfulls of wool leftover."

    Here are the photos of their Santas;

    Santa Santas

    Comments from other customers;

    "Got it today (raw fleece). STUNNING. I love it. I had Coopworth before, but noothing as lusterous as this."

    "It was the first fleece I ever spun and it just flowed onto the spindle with just a little teasing right from the lock. I didn't wash it or anything and it was a dream."

    "Received the rovings yesterday. The chocolate is wonderful but the silver is to die for!!! I am so glad to find someone with quality coopworth - it has always been one of my favorites and not easy to find. I have marked your website and you will here from me again. Thanks so much!"

    "I recently purchased a fleece from you through eBay, and it arrived today. I am so thrilled with the wool that I would like to buy more of it from you."

    "Quite honestly, I think it is the nicest fiber I have ever had: beautifully grown, and from superb animals. Even raw, it smells wholesome- and as with all your fiber, there is absolutely no VM in it whatsoever."

    "...the lamb fleece arrived today -- it is GORGEOUS! I'm so pleased with it,"

    "Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the wool,"

    "oh my goodness, what a lovely surprise i received in the mail! how unexpected but wonderful. thank you, martha, your fiber is absolutely gorgeous."

    "... terrific. I think I've finally found my "wedding ring shawl" yarn."

    "Good ho. Beautiful fleeces."

    "I got my box of fleece today. It is absolutely wonderful!...You'll be hearing from me again."

    "Received the fleece from you safe & sound. That didn't take long! And I just love it! "

    "I got the fleece and have some of it washed up... It washes beautiful!! I am in the process of spinning the adult Coopworth, and it sure spins up easy!"

    "I washed her and I am spinning her..she is wonderful so soft like clouds...Oh she is just wonderful."

    "Just to let you know I received your lovely fleeces today. Both are beautiful - I can hardly wait to spin them up."

    Jim and Martha McGrath
    178 Lough Rd.
    Franklin, WV, 26807