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  • Handspinning Fleeces, Roving, Washed Locks, Sock Yarn
  • Locker Hooking Supplies
  • Fleeces, Roving and Sock Yarn
    for Sale

    SOCK YARN on the cone at deep discount. Great for hats, too!

    This yarn was made for us by Zeilingers from springy Coopworth X Dorset sheep wool. Nylon fibers were added in the carding to improve strength and durability.
    It is a natural creamy white, 80% wool and 20% nylon 2 ply sock yarn about 100 yds per oz., 20 wraps per inch. Ready to be skeined and washed, it takes dye beautifully!

    Each cone weighs 1.75 lbs and contains enough yarn for 6 pair of socks. At my retail price, that would be $90, but I am selling this yarn on the cone for only $50/cone! plus actual shipping cost.  

    2018 and 2019 skirted, covered FLEECES

    These beautiful Coopworth fleeces have been stored in my house in a controlled environmment. Priced at $8/lb plus actual shipping, while they last!

    Click here for our Raw Fleece Sales List


    Socks made from some our hand-dyed roving We sell raw wool, roving, and washed locks, both natural colored and hand dyed for spinning, wet and needle felting, doll and Santa making, and knitting.

    We raise our sheep as kindly and naturally as possible. They have free access to a barn, but prefer to spend most of their time in the pastures, either grazing or dozing in the fresh West Virginia mountain air and sunshine.

    A recent comment from one of our customers;
    "Hello Martha, I got my wool yesterday, beautiful- the cleanest I have ever seen, I am so impressed. Thank you so much!"
    Click Here to see more comments and photos from our customers.

    To Order

    To place an order please E-Mail or call Martha with the item description and your name and address. We will send you an e-invoice through Paypal, and you can either pay with a credit card through PayPal, or send a check or money order.

    This photo is of a pair of socks made from our hand-dyed Coopworth roving, spun and knit by a talented customer.


    This yarn was made for us by Zeilingers from springy Coopworth X Dorset sheep wool. Nylon fibers were added in the carding to improve strength and durability.
    This yarn is natural creamy white 80% wool and 20% nylon 2 ply sock yarn about 100 yds per oz., 20 wraps per inch. We have both natural creamy white and hand dyed.

    Packaged in two 225 yard skeins for a total of 450 yards, 4.2 oz., 120 gr.
    enough for one pair of adult socks.
    ready-to-dye White; $15.00
    hand dyed $20.00
    plus shipping

    ready-to-dye yarn

    "ready-to-dye yarn"

    hand dyed yarn

    "hand-dyed yarn"
    will custom dye for no additional cost (except self striping)


    Raw Wool Roving Sock Yarn Washed Locks
    Raw Adult wool
    $14.00- $16.00/lb
    Roving, White and Natural Colored-
    $2.00/oz. or $28/lb
    Sock Yarn
    ready to dye White;
    450 yards, 4.2 oz., $15.00
    Washed Locks, White-
    Raw Lambs wool
    Roving, Hand Dyed-
    $3.00/oz or $40/lb
    Sock Yarn
    Hand Dyed;

    450 yards, 4.2 oz., $20.00
    We accept checks, Money Orders, and Credit Cards through Paypal to :

    Prices do not include shipping.
    Priority Mail shipping is $7.75 for the first pound of wool or roving, and $2.00 more for each additional pound, or partial pound. Shipping for wool or roving by the ounce is $1.50 per oz. up to 5 oz., 6-16 ozs. is $7.75

    Coopworth lamb

    If you would like to receive samples, please send a SASE with 2 first class stamps to:
    Martha McGrath
    178 Lough Rd.
    Franklin, WV 26807


    All of our 2014 covered Coopworth fleeces are sold. We have some uncoverd Coopworth ram and some Coop X Dorset wool available for $7/lb plus shipping

    Taking reservations on 2015 fleeces available in April

    Our covered Coopworth fleeces are easy to spin, soft and lustrous, with a 6-8 inch staple length and average weights for skirted fleeces of about 4-6 lbs. The prices do not include shipping.
    If you think an entire skirted fleece is too much for you, we are willing to sell just one or two pounds for an additional 15% per pound surcharge. Please call or write for more information.
    Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If not satisfied, you may return it for a full refund on the price of the fleece. Please e-mail us if you would like to order a fleece.

    We guarantee your satisfaction or your money refunded with no questions!

    If you would like to receive samples, please send a SASE with 2 first class stamps to:

    Martha McGrath
    178 Lough Rd.
    Franklin, WV 26807

    fleece in basket
    Basket of our Coopworth fleece and a drop spindle.


    The new crop of roving is in!
    We have a very limited amount (about 7-10 lbs) of the chocolate and champagne colors.

    Coopworth felts wonderfully, and is easy to spin. Our roving is washed and carded, and ready for your projects!

    white roving
    creamy White Coopworth Roving
    silver roving
    Silver Coopworth Roving
    chocolate roving
    Chocolate Coopworth Roving
    silver yarn
    This lovely skein of yarn was spun by Vickie of Waynesboro, VA from our silver roving.


    We have begun to dye some of our wonderful Coopworth roving in small batches. We can dye solid color and rainbow dyed rovings for you.

    I love dyeing "rainbow" roving and knitting the unspun roving! The grey/black hat is grey roving that we sprinkled black Jaquard dye over.
    These 2 hats were made by knitting unspun roving that had been rainbow dyed - the brown and green is mainly brown Jaquard dye that I sprinkled onto wet roving and dyed with a low water imersion technique.
    dyed roving
    We can custom hand-dye Coopworth roving just for you!
    dyed roving
    Hand-dyed Coopworth Roving


    We have begun to handwash some of our Coopworth locks which we offer to you for Santa beards and dollmaking, and for lovely effects in your felting projects.
    The color is pearly white with a staple length of about 5-6 inches.

    white locks
    white locks
    Washed Locks- about 6" long
    great for Santa Beards and Felting Projects!
    $4.50/oz. plus shipping

    How Much Do I Need?

    Recently I was asked how much roving or fleece one should buy to make a project. I did a little research, and came up with the following suggestions when spun as sport-weight 2-ply;

    Sweaters; 1 pound clean roving for an XS to 4 pounds for XL. 2-3 pounds will be enough for most sweaters.

    Socks, Hats, Mittens, or Gloves; about 4 ozs.

    For raw fleece, double the amount. Coopworth usually yeilds about 75%, in other words, you will loose about 25% of the total weight when washed, but I recommend that you buy twice what you calculate you will need to be safe, especially if purchasing natural colored wool. Sometimes it is difficult to get the exact same color if you should run out.

    Here are a few websites that help answer the question "How much do I need?".
    How much yarn do I need This chart estimates how much yarn you will need for specific crafts
    Estimating how much yarn to buy This table gives yardage approximations for various projects in a variety of gauges.

    We dyed some of our white roving with Easter Egg dye. For instructions, see Dyeing with Easter Egg Colors

    MD Sheep and Wool Fest

    We are pleased to announce that our fleeces won first and second place Coopworth fleece at the 2003 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival...we don't often show our fleeces, as they are usually all reserved by shearing in April!
    NEWS FLASH: We entered one fleece in the 2012 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Show and won SECOND PLACE!

    Click Here to see more photos of our fleeces and roving for sale.

    Click Here to see comments and photos from our customers.

    Jim and Martha Behneman McGrath
    178 Lough Rd.
    Franklin, WV, 26807