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    Sheep For Sale  

    Taking reservations for 2017 lambs ($50/ea. deposit) ready in July.

    $250 each for registered Coopworth lambs
    $300-$400 for registered Coopworth adults


    Click here for our Sales List


    We specialize in hardy, easy-care sheep with beautiful, prizewinning handspinning fleeces. We have utilized New Zealand AI genetics in our flock, along with the best domestic Coops available.

    Because we are serious about the Coopworth emphasis on production we use production records to help discern the sheep with the traits that we feel are important in our flock; fleece weight and quality, easy care ewes with strong maternal instincts, structural soundness, and lamb weight gains on pasture. We strive to make each generation of Deer Run Coopworths better than the last. We have the records, and will gladly show them to you, and assist you in recording the profitable traits in your flock!
    We guarantee the health and fertility of our sheep.


    To learn more about Coopworth sheep, see Martha'a article How & Why We Raise Easy-care Coopworths

    "Pedigree indicates what the animal should be. Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be. But, Performance indicates what the animal actually is."


    Sire Photos - rams we have used in our breeding program.

    Hidden Valley Titus
    Introducing our newest ram, Hidden Valley Titus! Titus is a yearling ram from Wisconsin with New Zealand and Australia bloodlines. We will be using him on a few ewes this year, and will probably have some sons and daughters for sale in the spring.

    Deer Run Whitman
    Wild n Woolly bloodlines going back to the John May importations from New Zealand.

    Silver Creek Carli
    Born 12-27-06, Carli ranked #3 out of 250 ram lambs based on 30, 60, and 120 day weights, wool weights, and consideration for birth ranking and overall structure and wool quality. As a yearling in 2008, Carli won Reserve Champion in the All Other Breeds Wool Division at the Oregon State Fair. We purchased Carli in May '09 from Silver Creek Lambscapes.

    Hatch Hatchtown 0029-02 "Hatch" from Maine, Hatch sheared 13.5 lbs. of wool as a 3 year old. Hatch has Woodsedge, Hidden Valley and Cobun Creek bloodlines. We liked the lambs that we got from this silver/blue ram so much that along with French Hill Baritone, he formed the foundation of our natural colored flock!

    Baritone French Hill Baritone
    Hidden Valley and Cobun Creek bloodlines, all going back to the WoodsEdge and Hilltop importations. His daughters are very productive ewes with lovely wool!

    In the past we have shipped sheep to New York, Vermont, Iowa, Michigan and Texas. If you are interested in our sheep, but are too far away to visit, we may be able to arrange transport at reasonable prices.

    Click here to read some customer comments, show wins, and see more photos of our flock.


    Some Ewe Photos

    Deer Run Aretha, a "Hatch" daughter, had twins at 13 months, sheared 13.4 lbs of beautiful wool that year.
    Her lambing record is 2,2,2,2,2,3,1,3,2,3. Trips at 10 years!

    Octavia, a "Baritone" daughter, lambing record 2,2,3,2,2,2,2. She has been in the top 3 of the "pounds of lamb weaned" category on our farm for several years. She also has a beautiful fleece! She is the dam of Oscar and Carlson, 2 of our current rams. Her daughter Aria won second place fleece at the MD Sheep and Wool festival in 2012- while growing twins!

    Deer Run Deidre, a "Hatch" daughter, lovely fleece, wonderful mom, lambing record 1,2,3.

    Bluefaced Leicester X Coopworth lambs We tried some purebred BFL sheep about 12 years ago, but sold the breed a few years later because they just couldn't compete with the Coopworths for ease of care. We did keep one pet 3/4 BFL ewe and sometimes have a few BFL X Coop lambs for sale. BFL X Bethany

    Cal and Rams

    Ram temperment is very important to us!

    Black Coopworth lamb

    Click here to read some customer comments and see more photos of our flock.

    Jim and Martha McGrath
    178 Lough Rd.
    Franklin, WV, 26807